Commercial Law Firm

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Rates and Engagement
Griffin Bell III, P.C. strives to begin and manage client relationships quickly, efficiently, and with a minimum of bureaucracy. There is no cost for a 10-minute initial consultation.

  • Attorney Rate:                           $150 to $310 per hour
  • Paralegal Rate:                           $65 to $100 per hour
  • Internal Transcription:             $25 per hour

  • Copies and printing costs:         $0.20 per page;
  • Postage and Courier Services:  at cost
  • Travel:                                         at cost or per IRS business mileage rates   

The firm also handles certain matters on a contingency fee or a mixed contingency/hourly fee arrangement, and in some cases will engage in alternative billing arrangements, such as flat rate fees per job or per stage of representation.